Code Tech’s printer technology is suitable for printing with a single ink type onto styrene, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) , EPS (expanded polystyrene) and molded pulp board. Edible eggshell inks available. Printers are fully networkable and can integrate into Diamond Egg Graders systems and STAALKAT (Sanovo).

Benefits of Code Tech Solutions

  • Low Cost replacement for thermal transfer, continuous inkjet (CIJ)  printers and case coders
  • Immediate ROI with no service contracts or highly trained technicians needed
  • Compliant with Sara Title III; Reduces environmental footprint by 90% compared to CIJ Printers
  • No control box needed; connects directly to Ethernet / ERP server
  • Ink prints on porous and non porous materials
  • 2-3 second dry time, good rub resistance & NO maintenance
  • 600 DPI Print Resolution
  • Cartridges eliminate need for Hazmat Drum Storage and Disposal
  • No maintenance needed.  No mess, spills or open containers
  • No hazardous materials, odor and VOC’s reduced to 3-5% from 80%