Inkjet Date Coder Printer Systems for the Protein Industry

Exclusive to Code Tech, new printers with IP65 rating for industrial printing environments are now available. Washdown inkjet printers are designed for harsh environments including high temperatures and wet integrations.These printers have the ability to print on Cryvac, Bemis and all other barrier films and are available with a stainless steel traversing system for multi-lane web applications. Machines can be mounted on vertical baggers to replace TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinters) and ribbon printers. Suitable for use on form, fill, and seal machines. Available ink colors include black, white, blue and red. Compact printer and controller in one unit, with power and data over ethernet. Ultra low VOC non-MEK inks. Up to 400,000 prints per cartridge.

Print Sample Bacon
Print Sample Protien 2
Print Sample Flexible Packaging Poultry
Print Sample Flexible Packaging Poultry 2