Shutter TIJ Printhead

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Dust and debris can interfere with print quality when using thermal inkjet printers by clogging or drying out printhead nozzles. Using proven HP thermal printing technology, the Markoprint Shutter Printhead is an industrial grade self-sealing HP thermal inkjet head that is ideal for harsh and dusty environments.

Designed to prevent dust from entering the cartridge or accumulating on the nozzle face, it also reduces the chance of the printhead nozzles drying out when the system is paused or not being used. This greatly reduces the need and frequency of nozzle cleaning. In addition, the cartridge does not need to be removed when the printer is not in use.

The self-sealing thermal printhead automatically retracts the cartridge and closes the open nozzle plate when production pauses or stops for a preprogrammed amount of time. An upstream input signals the head to open when production begins again and is then ready to print without operator interaction.