Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Controllers

Code Tech offers a range of high-speed Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printhead controllers to operate and manage multiple thermal inkjet printheads and 1 or 2 production lines. These controls are compact, versatile, and precise to control a wide range of printheads. The Thermal Inkjet controllers are flexible to control up to four printheads and up to eight printheads, depending on your specific requirements.

Thermal Inkjet Printhead Controllers available from Code Tech include:

  • X2/X4 Jet TIJ Printhead Controllers
  • Integra Quad TIJ Printhead Controller
  • Quadro TIJ Printhead Controller

With any inquiries and to learn more about the Thermal inkjet printhead controllers, contact Code Tech today.

The X2 and X4 Jet Controllers are compact and self-contained units that can control up to four printheads.

The Integra Quadro Controller is specially designed for mounting on production lines where space is resticted.

Control up to eight printheads on four production lines.