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How to: Update iJet Firmware

Step 1: First step will be to check and see if you have the latest version of iDesign. To do this, click on the blue icon in the top right corner and proceed to check for updates in the new window that opens.

Step 2: Using the USB stick that has been plugged into your iJet, plug it not your computer and open iDesign.

Step 3: Under Printer, select your iJet. 

Step 4: Select Settings, and then System. 

Step 5: Under Devise Setup, find Update Firmware and click on the pencil icon on the right. The numbers to the left of the pencil icon correspond to the current firmware version of the printer. 

Step 6: Insert a USB stick and select OK.

Step 7: Select your USB from the USB - Stick menu then press Start to lad the firmware to the thumb drive.

Step 8: If prompted, delete existing firmware folders. 

Step 9: Once the firmware is loaded, this message will appear: 

Step 10: Remove the USB stick form our computer.

Step 11: Restart te iJet by disconnecting it from power and then reconnecting it. 

Step 12: As it starts up, logos will appear on the screen. When you see the logos, press and hold the main button until you see the message: 'Stick?'

Step 13: Insert the USB into the iHet. Soon the message: 'Copy to SD?' will appear. Press the main button once. 

Step 14: the iJet will restart. When you see the message: 'Copy HMI-Data from Stick?' press the main button once. 

Step 15: When the screen returns to the usual status message, the iJet is updated! 

NOTE: To confirm that the update took, check the current version in iDesign under Functions -> Settings -> System