Coding Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Today's beverage manufacturing spans various sizes, shapes and materials for water, wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, and juices.

When it comes to adding date and production codes to these products, our Code Tech printers provide excellent quality, maximum uptime and unparalleled efficiency.

Common challenges include:

  • Need to handle various types, shapes, sizes and materials of products and packaging.
  • Equipment that can be operated in high-speed lines without sacrificing quality.
  • Maximum uptime of equipment in lines.
  • The need for simple coding equipment that involves minimal intervention from operators and technicians.
  • Environmental elements such as condensation, dust, and temperature changes.

Applications Include:
  • Printing variable codes on rigid items such as bottles and cans.
  • Adding variable information to flexible packaging, including pouches and bag-in-box.
  • Coding products, cartons and bundles
  • Date and traceability coding

  • Integration of coders with labelers, flexible packaging equipment and more.
  • Coding products in harsh environments.
  • Printing new barcode formats, such as GS1 Digital Link.

Our continued innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the critical issues beverage manufacturers face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Adding date and production codes to cans.

Printing variable text and barcodes to trays and other types of secondary packaging.

Printing date and production codes to bottles of various materials, HDPE, glass, PET, etc.

Coding either directly to the bottle material or on the label.

Coding onto flexible packaging, including coffee bags, milk cartons, drink cartons and pouches, and much more.

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