Non-Toxic Inkjet Printers and Ink Cartridges for the Food & Beverage Industry

Code Tech’s versatile inkjet printers and non-contact solvent inks bring ease of use and sustainability to the food industry.

Our printers require almost zero maintenance and produce excellent print quality - making them a perfect upgrade from legacy printers that are expensive to keep running and create a lot of downtime.

Our single-use ink cartridges yield up to 700,000 codes per cartridge and are disposable for no-mess, maintenance-free, consistent print quality. If you need to change color, it's as simple as swapping to a different color cartridge, which takes a few seconds.

Just some of the industries we help with their coding requirements:

+ Dairy Products
+ Baked Goods
+ Meat & Poultry
+ Fruits & Vegetables

+ Salty Snacks & Sugary Confections


Adding variable codes to dairy products can be demanding.

Fast-changing package designs and materials – from plastic bottles to tubs to lids or flexible packaging – compliance requirements, short shelf life of products, traceability, and the need for equipment to operate in harsh conditions all create challenges.

Code Tech provides dairy companies with a range of coding systems that are ideal for the industry, whatever your type of package, regardless of how demanding your environment is.

Applications Include:
  • Adding production codes to various types of plastic containers
  • Successfully adding codes to cold and damp containers
  • Integrating printers with flexible packaging machinery to allow codes to be printed on the film.
  • Promotional labeling for cartons and shipping cases
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Supplying printers with environmental protection for cold or wet environments.
  • Replacing, maintenance-intensive, legacy inkjet printers.
  • Integration of printers with flexible packaging equipment
  • Systems for printing GS1 Digital Link barcodes in anticipation of the GS1 Sunrise 2027.

Code Tech provides the right solutions designed to meet the demands of dairy processing and ensure maximum uptime and productivity.

Printing date and other production codes to glass and plastic containers.

High-quality coding of flexible packaging and films.

Printing on corrugated containers and other types of secondary packaging.

Baked Goods

Code Tech's printers are an excellent solution for many applications in the baked goods industry.

Able to print variable codes to most types of packages, need minimal maintenance and simple for operators, a Code Tech printer fits into your packaging operation seamlessly.

Regardless of whether you want to print directly to the package, or onto your product label, Code Tech has you covered for top class coding.

Applications Include:
  • Printing date and production codes to your prime packaging.
  • Printing onto Kwik Lok bag tags.
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Nutrition and allergen printing.
  • Integration of printers with flexible packaging equipment as well as labeling machines.
  • Barcode printing, including GS1 Digital Link.

Coding systems for printing on clamshells, trays, bags, boxes and other package types.

Printers for wrapped items.

Printing systems for secondary packaging, such as trays and boxes.

Meat & Poultry

Adding variable information to your packages is essential in the protein industry.

You will normally print a traceability lot number, the Use or Freeze By date, and often your EST number and USDA logo.

Your coding equipment needs to be capable of producing accurate labeling every time and also be able to operate in the harsh conditions encountered in your facilities.

At Code Tech, we specialize in coding systems that meet the demands of your industry, improve productivity, and make things simple for your operators,

Whatever type of package you use for your products, you'll find a Code Tech solution to take care of your product coding.

Applications Include:
  • Systems to operate in cold and wet environments.
  • Printing on sealed trays and similar packages
  • Integration of printers with flexible packaging and labeling equipment.

  • Date and traceability coding
  • Replacement of maintenance-intensive legacy inkjet printers.
  • Barcode printing on various types of material.

Printing date and production codes onto sealed trays and similar package types.

Can print on either the plastic film or the label as required.

Print high-quality codes to flexible packaging, such as chubbs and pouches.

Print variable codes to secondary packaging, such as shipping cases and totes.

Fruits and Vegetables

Identifying produce and other perishable goods requires coding systems that provide consistent results.

Code Tech offers produce operations a range of coding solutions, designed to print high-quality variable information onto your packaging, regardless of the type of material.

Applications Include:
  • Printing date and production codes to your prime packaging or labels.
  • Printing systems for both porous and non-porous materials.
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Nutrition and allergen coding
  • Integration of printers with multiple types of packaging equipment
  • Barcode printing.

Code Tech provides the right solutions designed to meet the demands of coding your fruit and vegetable products in harsh or challenging environments.

Coding systems for sealed trays and similar types of package.

High-quality coding solutions for punnets, jars and similar examples of rigid packaging.

Printing variable information on secondary packaging, such as shipping cases and totes.

Salty Snacks and Sugary Candy/Confections

Adding date and production codes to salty snack foods and candy/confection products requires unique product identification for complete supply chain traceability, retail point of sale, and clear, precise print to enhance overall branding.

Code Tech offers snack food and candy/confection manufacturers a range of creative solutions and equipment for labeling flexible packaging and other packaging types in this sector.

We provide the right solutions designed to meet the demands of labeling salty and sugary snacks and confection packaging in harsh or challenging environments.

Applications Include:
  • Codes printed on a wide range of materials, often at high-speeds.
  • Replacement of legacy coding equipment that is maintenance intensive and slows down production.
  • Replacement of old TTO (thermal transfer overprinters) on salty snack lines.
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Nutrition and allergen coding.
  • Integration of printers with packaging equipment, including bagging machines, flow-wrappers, form-fill-seal machines and more.
  • Barcode labeling, including the new GS1 Digital Link barcode format.

Rigid containers, such as clamshells and plastic tubs.

Flexible packaging, including bags, flow-wraps and pouches.

Printing variable information onto secondary packaging, including shipping cases and totes.

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