Non-Stop TIJ Printhead

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The Markoprint Non-Stop printhead option for thermal inkjet coding is the ideal solution for continuous or high-volume production lines. Allowing for printing without interruption, this printhead uses an alternating printing ratio of 2:1. This ensures that at least 50% of ink remains in one cartridge when the other reaches empty status.

By alternating use of two printheads, users can replace or clean cartridges without interrupting production. Ink cartridges will not dry out, as both print alternately without changing the position of the code.

Designed to use either HP or Funai (Lexmark) ink cartridges, these thermal inkjet printers are capable of printing 12.5mm or 25mm in height, depending on the printhead chosen.

As an option, the printer stops automatically if a connected camera detects a misprint. The second cartridge continues to print until the first is cleaned or replaced.