X1Jet HP – Handheld Printer

With the X1 Jet Handheld Printer, you get the benefits of thermal inkjet printing, without being tied to one location.

The Markoprint X1Jet HP Handheld is a battery-operated and lightweight thermal inkjet printer for printing high-resolution text and images in multiple locations without being mounted to the production line. Its long-life battery allows for extended periods of use. Set up of the device and loading of messages is done via a USB stick.

The X1Jet Handheld uses proven HP thermal inkjet printing technology and is capable of high-resolution printing up to 12.5 mm in height.

The printer and its accessories, such as the battery, charger, USB stick, instructions and the iDesign software, are secured neatly in a durable case.

The SmartCard Ink cartridge detects the cartridge automatically and reads the ink level.

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