X2/X4 Jet – TIJ Printhead Controllers

The X2 Jet and X4 Jet Controllers provide full control of your Code Tech integrated printheads.

Universal and ultra-fast print controllers with an intuitive touchscreen. The Markoprint X2 Jet Controller can operate 1 to 2 printheads, while the X4 Jet Controller can be configured with 1 to 4 controller-based printheads of either the HP or Funai (Lexmark) format.

A wide variety of head configurations is offered that will fit almost any application. The X4 Jet Controller can be split to run two separate production lines with I/O for each. These Controllers are compact and self-contained units that offer Ethernet, USB and serial communications for easy integration into any production line.

The X2 and X4 Jet controllers are engineered to operate with Integrated (Controller-Based) printheads.

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