RAZR – High Resolution Inkjet Printer

The Code Tech RAZR is the next generation of high-resolution inkjet system that provides exceptional printing capabilities in a compact form factor. With its piezo technology, printing up to 34 mm high, on porous and non-porous substrates is now effortless with this latest printing technology.

The increased print height eliminates unwanted stitching of your text or graphics from multiple printers, simplifying your production.

The RAZR is an ideal solution for printing the new GS1 Digital Link barcodes for anyone that is wishing to take advantage of the migration to 2D barcodes for retail over the next few years.

The permanent printhead impresses with its high print image resolution, speed, and integrated redundancy. And installation within your manufacturing equipment is no problem due to the RAZR's compact design.

Features and Benefits

  • 34mm tall high-resolution printhead, removing the need for stitching text or graphics together from multiple units.
  • An ideal solution for printing the new GS1 Digital Link 2D barcodes as part of the Sunrise 2027 program.
  • Fast-drying solvent-based ink system featuring hot-swappable 250ml cartridge - no need to stop production for cartridge change.
  • Compatible with all current Code Tech mounting bracketry for easy and efficient integration into production lines.
  • Prints up to 600 vertical dpi and 900 horizontal dpi.
  • Maximum line speeds of 150m/min at 300 dpi.
  • Fully compatible with iDesign software.
  • RAZR is compatible with VIVID 7" touchscreen HMI.
  • Extended ink throw distance up to 5mm.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Your operations team reports that older legacy-type coding equipment causes excessive downtime, reducing efficiency and increasing costs on your packaging line.
  • The marketing team is keen to embrace the new 2D barcode formats, but it seems your current printers can handle these applications.
  • Compliance with industry and customer mandates is proving to be difficult.

Our Solutions:

  • Code Tech's Razr printer is engineered to reduce downtime on your lines, being simple to use and needing minimal maintenance. In addition, these printers can provide a lower total cost of ownership and help reduce your overall costs.
  • It makes sense that your marketing folks would want to take advantage of the migration to 2D barcoding, that will be taking place over the next few years. Code Tech printers put you in an excellent position to introduce this, with minimal disruption to your packaging operations,
  • Code Tech printers are made to provide excellent print quality while helping you comply with both regulatory and customer print and barcode demands.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • You are under pressure to reduce the cost of repairs and parts for your product coding equipment.
  • Your goals include improving the efficiency of the packaging lines.

Our Solutions

  • Legacy coding systems can be very maintenance intensive, and you often have to sign up for expensive support plans to ensure they keep operating. Code Tech printers require minimal maintenance, allowing your maintenance team to focus on other areas of your operation.
  • The Razr printer is designed to operate with minimal intervention from your operators, and the large-capacity ink cartridge can be replaced while the printer is running. No disruption to your packaging line.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Many packaging machines are complicated and time-consuming to set up, causing frustrations for everyone on the packaging line.
  • The cost of maintenance and repairs can be a challenge in many cases.
  • It is often difficult to get quality training for new packaging equipment.

Our Solutions:

  • The Razr printer can be set up for the next job in just a few minutes. In addition, there is no cleaning or start-up procedure needed; the printer is ready to use whenever you need it.
  • The Razr is very maintenance team friendly, with virtually no maintenance needed.
  • Our Labeling and Coding brands proudly offer the PMMI Certified Trainer Program. This recognized designation ensures that the highest standards of quality training are being met and unparalleled value is given to our customer.

Brochures & Documentation

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